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  • Mercedes S Class

    Chauffeur Car Fleet Mercedes S Class

    The Mercedes-Benz badge and class leading air suspension make the S-Class a favourite with many. Mercedes Benz is synonymous with Elegance and Style & is the essence of any chauffeur car fleet.

    An Industry Standard Chauffeur driven Mercedes-Benz S-Class will always make an impression, ideal for Business Travel, Social Engagements, Airport Transfers and Weddings. Most of our Mercedes S Class vehicles are equipped with Panoramic Roofs which makes them ideal for Tours of London.

  • Mercedes V Class

    Chauffeur Car Fleet Mercedes V Class





    No chauffeur car fleet should be without the Mercedes V Class.

    With the Mercedes Benz name behind it this large capacity Executive People Carrier combines status with practicality; seats up to 7 passengers.
    The V Class has "conference style seating" and is ideal for business meetings "on the move". A large luggage compartment also makes the Mercedes V Class an ideal choice for families travelling to and from Seaports, Airports or for Chauffeur Driven UK tours.

  • Mercedes S Class
    Number of passengers3/4
    Number of luggage items3/4
  • Mercedes V Class
    Number of passengers6/7
    Number of luggage items7/9