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Fuel Price Increases Affecting The UK Chauffeur Industry

Fuel prices are going through the roof this year, as if you hadn't noticed and it's on the cards that the government may up fuel duty to pile on the misery. There is much coverage of this throughout the media and much speculation as to what may or may not be done about it.

I was surprised this week to hear that Ed Balls put forward the idea of reducing VAT on fuel back down to 17.5% with the idea that this would boost the UK economy. Agreed, it would save the man in the street money, yes but as I see it, the most damaging aspect of  high UK fuel prices is the impact it has on commercial vehicles which in turn puts up the cost of moving freight and people around the country. As a London Chauffeur, I fall into the latter of these two categories.  This in turn drives up costs which are then passed down to the consumer. A large amount of businesses however can claim back VAT on fuel which would water down this proposal considerably. It's the ex VAT cost that is causing the problem to business not VAT.

This motion was in fact defeated in the commons yesterday and quite rightly so; partly due to some of the reasons above and possible legal problems with the EU as far as this is concerned.

As far as I'm concerned the main problem is the huge tax imposed on fuel by successive governments which is due to be increased in April 2011. Political unrest in the Middle East has sent the price of crude oil soaring but this can't be legislated for. Unfair government taxation can be though.

Fair Fuel UK are doing a sterling job on fighting the cause of the motorist and associated industries. I urge you to visit the Fair Fuel UK website to  learn more and lend your support and help stop the April fuel duty increase.

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