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Major roadworks on London’s Thames Bridges

Who thinks these things up?????

Currently Albert Bridge is closed for long term roadworks, Hammersmith Bridge has weekend closures, Blackwall tunnel South is closed at night, Southwark bridge has a contraflow, Waterloo Bridge has lane closures and Borough High Street is closed southbound causing congestion to the south of London Bridge.

Who on earth plans this stuff? Come on Boris you really need to  get a grip of this nonsense. It doesn't matter how many bikes you introduce into London if most of the traffic stationary pumping out carbon.

Visit  BBC London for traffic updates

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more- the day we voted Boris into power( yes, I wanted Red Ken out at any cost) was the day we seem to have given the keys to the City to a man in a badly fitting suit who can’t appear in public without embarassing us! With Boris and Gordon at the helm, no wonder we’re in this mess!!
    Lets hope the New Government, whoever they are has the good sense to accept that London needs affordable PUBLIC transport so those of us who Chauffeur for a living have acceptable, free-flowing roads on which to ply our trade!!

  2. At least I’m not alone Stefano. There are now two of us at least that feel this way :o )
    I would have replied earlier but have spent the last couple of weeks restoring data after a fairly serious system crash. All up and running now though.
    Thanks for your comments. P.

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